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HVS Executive Search presents India Hotel Payroll Cost Study

EH STAFF – New Delhi

The 2012 India Hotel Payroll Cost Study presented by HVS Executive Search, India provides critical data on payroll trends in the hospitality business in India. Co-authored by Natwar Nagar, managing director, HVS Executive Search and Anupama Jaiswal, senior associate, this report establishes benchmarks for hotel owners and operators, to create a better understanding of payroll cost and productivity ratios across market positioning and major Indian cities. This survey will assist upcoming hotels to plan their payroll budgets and aid existing hotels to review theirs, resulting in a more effective forecast of the bottomlines. According to Nagar, “This first-of-its-kind report enables hotel owners and operators to manage compensation in a more strategic and more formulaic manner. HVS Executive Search has now created the building block for future compensation strategies.”

The complete 2012 India Hotel Payroll Cost Study presents critical data related to payroll cost, with special emphasis on key revenue generating divisions, including Rooms and Food & Beverage departments. The survey received an encouraging response from 228 hotels across 66 cities throughout the country. All data was self-reported by participating hotels and thereafter analysed using models and analytical tools developed in-house by the HVS Executive Search team.

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